"I believe in an integrative approach to wellness. The body is the sacred vessel through which our lives are experienced. It is natural to me to understand the body being the physical result of the total of each person’s experiences. I have great respect for the power of modern medicine. I believe the next best step is the integration of alternative and complementary medicine to the field. Doctors are acknowledging that much of disease affecting people today is lifestyle related. Many people are learning to stand up, take more responsibility for their own health, and begin making informed decisions.
Massage Therapy fulfills an important role in the holistic approach to personal wellness. The joys and hardships of life are felt and remembered in the body. Because massage can access this level of experiencing in the individual, it is a valuable healing tool that supports the body’s processes of integrating and maintaining, especially during times of stress or change. I believe healthy, therapeutic touch is more than a powerful wellness tool. It is an art of connection from human being to human being. In our society, we spend much of our energy and focus outward, and are forgetting the immense value of balancing that with time focused inward. Massage can be that time to slow down, relinquish the worries of the day, and nurture oneself. Here we access the body’s natural source of healing and rejuvenation." - Reneé Mink

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